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11/17/2014 - Schedule for December 2014 Periodic Child Count

The submission schedule is as follows:

Submission Schedule
LEA Submission Date
Initial Submission from all LEAs and all Charter Schools 12/1/2014 through 12/5/2014
Deadline for Certification Status 12/12/2014

EC Directors must check over their child count, prior to submission, for errors such as duplicate records, incorrect age, grade, setting and disability. All of this information is available to daily users on the Periodic Count Export Student List in CECAS. Please remember that when certifying the Child Count, the EC Director is assuring that all data submitted is accurate. If any one other than the EC Director certifies the count, a count verification form must be submitted. This form can be found on the Documents tab of http://www.nccecas.org/downloads/downloads.html.

LEAs submitting their child count to CECAS as 3rd party users need to ensure their .xml file contains all required items including, AIG and LEP. Incomplete .xml files will be deleted. For assistance with building an accurate complete .xml file, review the Third-Party Integration Supplement v1.7. This document is located on the Reporting User Info tab of the CECAS Communications website. The URL is http://www.nccecas.org/reportinguser/reportinguser.html.