What is CECAS?


The Comprehensive Exceptional Children Accountability System (CECAS) is a case management and data analysis system that will be offered to Local Education Agencies (LEAs), Charter Schools, and State-Operated Programs (SOPs) as a means to manage and analyze exceptional children data. This project customizes a commercial product to provide efficient tracking of services for exceptional children. The application is a completely outsourced, web-based system.

The following are the objectives for the CECAS project:

  • Provide a case management/workflow-oriented application for Exceptional Children professionals around the state to automate the various processes involved in providing services to exceptional children
  • Provide schools, LEAs, and the Division of Exceptional Children with a system that eliminates redundant data collection and allows the efficient capture of statewide EC data
  • Provide for the automatic generation, routing and approval of reports required by the State and Federal Government.

Core Capabilities

The system will track student information across school and district boundaries throughout the State. System highlights are shown below:

Data Management Capability Description
Student-level Data Collection Maintain local, state, and federal required information on children served and service providers.
Individual Education Plan (IEP) Workflow Automation Automation of the IEP and related forms and workflow compliance.
EC Standard Reports Continuous Improvement Monitoring, Behavior Intervention Services, Compliance Reports, etc.
Ad-hoc data analysis Allows complex data analysis and outcomes evaluation for EC students.
State and Federal Reports (Child Count, End-Of-Year) Generate appropriate reports for state and federal needs.
Custom Data Elements Districts and schools can add and independently manage custom data elements.