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1/22/2015 - Data Flow Issues Between PowerSchool and CECAS

Currently, CECAS and PowerSchool are experiencing issues with data flow between the two systems. Records may not appear in either system in a timely manner. Vendors for both systems are currently working on the problem.

LEAs should not delay any meetings required to fulfill the EC process while this issue is being resolved. Please use paper forms if needed until the student record is added in CECAS.

If you have any questions about this issue or any other CECAS issue please feel free to contact the Help Desk at cecas.incidents@its.nc.gov or (919) 807-4357 and press option 3 for CECAS.

Thank you for your patience.

01/20/2015 - Transition to new Communication Plan

The Communication Plan Worksheet for a Student Who Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing (CPW) has been revised by the Exceptional Children Division. The transition to the new form will follow these steps:

  • Users must Close/Verify all existing CPWs by January 30;
  • All CPWs that are in any status except Close/Verified will be deleted;
  • Users will be unable to create a CPW in CECAS beginning January 31;
  • New CPW will be in CECAS at a future date.

Please use the paper form from the EC Division website until the new CPW is available in CECAS.

01/12/2015 - December 2014 Child Count Change Report

A report showing the student count changes for each LEA from the December 2013 Child Count to the December 2014 Child Count has been posted to the CECAS information site on the documents tab under the Periodic Count section. (http://www.nccecas.org/downloads/downloads.html) Please look at the report and if your LEA, Charter school or State Operated Program has been highlighted in red or has shown a significant increase or decrease of more than 10%, the EC Director should email an explanation for the change to kelley.blas@dpi.nc.gov by 2/1/2015 . We appreciate your timely response to this request.

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